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I'm 23, from Chilito Culiao, Southamerica, and I'm an obsessive person. I like to write homoerotism, and my fave tvshow is Sherlock. I ship Johnlock and my BROTP is Shamy (Amy and Shane). Of course I like Faking It, SPN, Merlin (yet) and In The Flesh.

I feel like Amy is gonna teach Shane how to be a good person

Faking It Season 1

Shane x Amy (Shamy)

"I just want us to be friends"

make me choose →  johngroff asked: shamy or shiam?




Amy and Shane are my forever BrOTP

It’s only weird if we make things weird, and we’re not making it weird.


GA - Gef Aviles

Some of my favorite moments on set of “faking it”.

omg that’s a tampon

Some men wonder why we, women, like gay men: BECAUSE THERE’S NOT DANGER IN HUGGING AND CARESSING ONE!!

Sometimes we want to be sweet with a man, but we can’t because he’ll always think there’s something behind, that they have a chance to fuck us. With gay men there’s not that risk.

I like the fact that Shane is the sweet one and Michael Willett looks like the sexy one. I feel like Michael Willett seems wilder than his characters in Faking It.

faking it meme[2/4] relationships
↳ amy and shane

my fave one after Karmy. They’re so cute.

I need more Shane and Amy bromance in season 2